Slimy torang model carpet (Oval Base)

Feature of  Slimy Torang Model Carpet:

Code: F-119

Location: Isfahan

Dimensions: 3.2 * 4.2

Carpet Design: Lachak Torang Slimy Oval Base

Color: Cream and its Border is Coppe

Softness of the Carpet: 2600

Designed By: Isfahan – Mohaghegh

Slimy Torang Model Carpet (Oval Base)

Hand-Woven Carpet with Slimy Torang Model (Oval Base) – Espitali Carpet Brand

  • Authentic Iranian carpets in the map of special and unique carpets

Representing the beauty and high quality of art by the artists of Iran

Feature of  Slimy Torang Model Carpet – Oval Base – Code: F-119

  • Super exquisite carpet of Isfahan double floor silk (ground and border) original coloring, very elegant and harmonious
  • The design of the Shah Abbasi lapel collar is adapted from the dress of the nobles of the Safavid era
  • The bergamot is placed in a balanced and precise comma oval
  • The color of the carpet is cream and its border is copper
  • The fibers of this carpet are dyed with natural vegetable dyes such as walnut shell, pomegranate shell, etc
  • Among the special products of the famous artist and producer of Isfahan Province: Mr. Mohaghegh

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