About Us

Espitali Carpet

With more than 6 decades of brilliant history in selling all kinds of hand-woven carpets in various designs, Espitali carpet store was established in 1951. and after years of efforts and gaining ever-increasing achievements and a professional workforce in 1956, it entered the international arena. It has started its sales in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy with the same high quality of domestic production and has been able to introduce the buyers of other countries to different and beautiful types of authentic Iranian carpets.

Years of effort, different achievements, and the skilled workforce have led us to step into the international arena and sell various products in Germany, Switzerland and Italy in 1956, keeping the same quality of domestic production, and Leading worlds customers to get to know the beautiful and distinct authentic Iranian carpets.

Our achievements

Thanks to your trust, dear compatriots, Now we are proud to say we have been able to sell and send carpets all over the world and introduce and send our carpets in the international arena and shine.

Our vision

A vision that we have raised as our main goal in the continuation of our activities:

More than 6 decades of continuous activity

First class authentic Iranian carpet

Brilliant presence in the international arena

Surley, we are different in the market because of: