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One of the largest suppliers and distributors of all kinds of handmade and classic carpets

with more than 60 years of brilliant history in selling all kinds of hand-woven carpets with various designs, Espitali carpet store was established in 1951. Years of effort and different achievements have led us to step into the international arena and selling various products in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, keeping the same quality of domestic production.


All kinds of Espitali store carpets

Isfahan Carpets
Other Provinces

Espitali Great Carpets

Face-Carnival Model Espitali Carpet

Large Vase Model Espitali Carpet

Natural Tree Model Espitali Carpet

Qandeel Tree Model Espitali Carpet

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classic carpets, on the other hand, are made of full silk or two layers of silk, woven in special plans like the plan of Isfahan etc.

These carpets are cheerfully painted and have the owner’s brand name. Just a limited number of such carpets have remained from the owner and weaver, which confirms the value of this type of carpet.

Espitali carpet is one of the authentic Iranian carpets in two categories: hand-woven and classic carpets. Known to be the first-class of its kind; in the classic type, you can see a different style of plan and design with special and unique beauty.

The hand-woven carpets are made of high-quality fluff and yarn, and include Naein and Ardakan carpets of Isfahan. This category of carpets is woven in lacquered, dark brown and pea colors, patterned mostly by flowers and bergamot, and pleasing for any kind of taste.

All kinds of Espitali handmade carpets

Isfahan Tree model Espitali Carpet-(Koumeh)

Lachak Toranj model Espitali Carpet

Lachak Toranj model Espitali Carpet

Circle Toranj model Espitali Carpet

Customers comments

Mr. Behrouz Izdiyar is a carpet seller in Zurich, Switzerland, and also one of the carpet suppliers. His opinion about us: Espitali carpet has more customers and more sales in Zurich due to its high quality and originality.
Mr. Behrouz Izdiyar
A carpet dealer in Zurich, Switzerland
Espitali carpets have a very beautiful design and plan. It has been successful to display the art and originality of Iran. Espitali carpets are the most sold in Manhattan, because of the special designs and quality that people like.
Mr. Alaf Chian
Seller of old and Persian carpets in Manhattan, New York
He takes high-quality carpets from Espitali store as souvenirs for his friends and acquaintances in Italy. They enjoy the special beauty of these carpets and call them a luxurious product of Iran.
Mr. Hassan Hamdani Raja
An Iranian doctor in Italy

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